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Troy Monsod is the man behind Wedding Campaign and House Georgina.

After he got married in 2012, he instantly fell in love with wedding photography and decided to set up his own shop. To make his business stand out, aside from giving his clients the usual offerings of photo albums, raw files, and edited photos, he also decided to add one of a kind services like Couples Logos, Blockbuster Movie Posters, EDSA Billboards, and he even did his very own take on “Artisan Albums” which amongst other things, have album bags that are actual “bags” (a lot of high end wedding photographers took notice and now also offer the same service in their line up).

After shooting dozens of weddings and appropriately dressing up the part, he then saw another offering he could bring to the wedding industry, and that would be personalized suits and shoes for Grooms.

Most grooms don't get the limelight that they deserve (which shouldn’t be the case since most grooms are the ones shouldering the bulk of the wedding expenses) and just like wedding photography, most groom couture suppliers give the usual same old offerings (choice of textile and overall suit construction).

Given this predicament, he decided to make House Georgina.

House Georgina is basically a Groom Couture service, which provides grooms with bespoke suits and custom shoes that are very much personalized all over. This means that aside from the usual choice of textile material and overall suit construction, the groom also gets to have his name branded on both his dapper suits and shoes (which in turn makes his wardrobe truly one of a kind and not to mention provide photographers and videographers with lots of great details to shoot).

And lastly, while working hand in hand with suppliers and raw materials for House Georgina, he in turn discovered his love for leather, and thus created “G by House Georgina”, a personalized leather gifts and giveaways service that provides grooms and brides with unique leather goods that can be given to sponsors, guests, or simply to each other at their wedding.

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