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Our experience with him has been 100% positive. It's definitely worth the money.

Daniel is a skilled photographer with an unending supply of enthusiasm. I (the groom) had never had a photoshoot before, and didn't think I would like it much, but Daniel's cheerfulness and helpful advice on how to stand and look to get the best pictures made it all a wonderful experience. My wife commented on his patience and understanding: he even handled the moodiness of some elders rather well. He's also sensitive to the needs of his clients, and finds a way to capture important moments between members of the family. It was a pleasure working with Daniel, and he was always very responsive to any questions or requests we had. Communication was smooth and we always got great suggestions from Daniel when we asked for them. Definitely recommended.

When things don't go exactly as planned, Daniel is great at making the best of things. My wife noted how, during our prenup photo shoot, we almost didn't make it to one more photo location because of traffic and logistic issues that came up, but Daniel went the extra mile and somehow made things happen -- just when we were ready to give up. Our experience with him has been 100% positive. It's definitely worth the money. We even got a beautiful box to keep our wedding photos in.

We are very happy with your services! It has been a pleasure to be your client. Thank you!

Ulf Noring Janna/Ulf 2018-05-26

Get Daniel Talavera! His photos are amazing! My husband and I are not used to posing for the camera but Daniel made us feel at ease--from our pre-wedding shoot to the wedding day 🙂 He's great at giving directions--he knows what the great shots will be and he's very patient with his clients 🙂 He's very professional, too and he got along well with the rest of the team for our wedding day. In terms of communication, he's very easy to get hold of. I was surprised that I didn't have to follow up on anything, he sent me messages before the shoot to ask about what we want for the shoot, any list of items I'd like to include in the shoot list--even after our wedding day, Daniel would remind us about choosing our wedding photos so he could send us our wedding album as soon as possible. Get him!

Daniel Talavera was one of our favorite suppliers.

Francesca Cruz Bride (18 February 2017)

One of the up-and-coming stars in the wedding photography scene...

We were looking for a photographer that can capture unique angles and moments and think outside of the box, of course without breaking the bank. Being a hobbyist photographer myself, one look at his portfolio told me that I finally found the man for the job. With Daniel at the helm, even the most awkward, non-photogenic people like me and my wife were transformed into professional models doing fashion photoshoots! He's calm and funny and has this gentle way of telling you how you should pose without putting any pressure at you. You don't have to worry anything at all if you don't know how to pose because he'll guide you all throughout. Our photoshoot with him has been one of the most stress-free, and fun photoshoot experiences we've had. His shots are warm, sincere and captures unique, sometimes funny moments that aren't too wacky nor too stiff. If you're intimidated by large cameras and even larger lenses, he uses small, unassuming but nevertheless pro-grade mirrorless cameras, adding to the feel that you're doing a fun picture taking rather than a actually doing a prenup session. He is very responsive to calls, texts and even FB messenger and is easy to talk to. He listens intently to what clients want; give him enough leeway and he'll weave his magic into your photos.

I believe we got lucky when we booked him while he's not yet a BIG household name. He is testament that extreme skill and talent need not be expensive. He is one of the up-and-coming stars in the wedding photography scene, you'd be mad not to book him NOW while he still doesn't have a high asking price! If were to be wed again, I'd definitely ask him again to take our photos.

One of the best wedding photographers in the Philippine scene!

Carlo Trinidad Nemo and Mere (July 15, 2017)

About The Supplier

Hi, I’m Daniel, a licensed nurse and a wedding photographer.

I love capturing natural emotions and moments against a beautiful backdrop such as nature or ruins that stood the test of time. Giving my subject the attention it deserves, my style is minimalist using natural and artificial light. 

My signature aesthetic is clean, minimalist, relaxed and candid. I believe that the simplest photos are often the most beautiful; it gives you a sense of wonder.

Few things about me . . .

I play drums. I had my first drum set when I was in 6th grade. I love to cook, and my favorite is caldereta. I choose pizza over pasta. I also love Japanese cuisine. I think I mastered the art of making Japanese maki in college. Hmm, yes! And I like to drive.

My innate interest in photography started early during the time when I was traveling abroad with my family. My first hundred shots were taken using a compact camera owned by my sister; I’d take photos and try to be experimental. I got my first DSLR as a graduation gift from my father, and this is when my adventure began as a photographer.

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During a day that might have been stressful, they were friends to us, they gave us support and assured us that everything is going well

Daniel was our prenup and wedding photographer. He was recommended by my best friend and I scheduled a meeting with him right after I viewed his works. He was very nice and polite during our meeting and every time I sent him messages in messenger. During our prenup, we were a bit worried because we didn’t get a stylist. Through his directions, we were able to pose properly and he made us feel comfortable as he took the pictures. Result? Our prenup pictures were more than what we expected. 😊 Come wedding day Daniel with his team came on time and really worked hard to capture every moment of our wedding. When the on-site photos were played we were in awe of how beautiful the pictures were. Our guests and even those who weren’t able to come were also amazed when these were posted on facebook and vimeo. It was a pleasure and a blessing to have met Daniel and to have him as our photographer. “Magaling” is not enough to describe them. They were more than magaling. During a day that might have been stressful, they were friends to us, they gave us support and assured us that everything is going well; they were more than a supplier. Our wedding day, was stress-free because we got the best suppliers and Daniel and his team was one of them! Thank you so so much!

I would just like to add that he follows his timeline and he is very generous in giving extras! You would never go wrong with Daniel Talavera 😉

April Rustia April & Jordan June 16, 2018

Daniel was not your ordinary point, shoot then leave photographer...

Besides having a second set of photographers who will give you a different point of view of the things happening during your wedding, Daniel was always my go-to-guy whenever we need a photographer for a family portrait.

Do not hesitate, just book him! Daniel was not your ordinary point, shoot then leave photographer. He met us before our wedding day and had a little chat with us. He became a friend to us, which gave more depth to the pictures he was taking.

Because I have been watching a lot of korean dramas lately, I'll say...Aja!!! Have fun taking those pictures.

Lotus Ang-Relleve Bride June 14, 2015

I would recommend Daniel and his team a million times over

We are beyond satisfied with the service and quality of Daniel's work! Everyone who has seen our engagement and wedding photos are very much impressed! The more we look at the photos the more we love them. We are so thankful that we found him – the photos are absolutely beautiful. You have captured so many details and emotions throughout the day, and for us it was like re-living the whole day again. <3

I would recommend Daniel and his team a million times over, and truly wish we could go back and do it again. We haven’t stopped looking at our photos and we are thrilled that we have such beautiful shots to remember the best day of our lives 🙂

Thank you, Daniel, you are a wonderful photographer, a beautiful person and we wish you all the best! I still cry whenever I watch the slideshow.. *happy tears*

Luwee Ceballos-Acabado Vic and Luwee - Dec 30, 2017