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What Clients Say About Us


Choosing Erick Delim group is like never settling for anything less than the BEST.

Upon shooting our pre-wedding/save the date video we not only met new people or acquaintances from Erick Delim Team but we gained ourselves new friends. They are very nice to work with. It is like working with our very own "barkada" even on our actual wedding day. We did not hesitate to pose for them because they always get our best angle no matter what. They know their craft very well and work professionally. You can see their passion with the outcomes of their photos/videos because there is where their heart is. They say that after the wedding the only thing left will be memories. And the only way to immortalize the "BIG DAY" is to get the best photo and video supplier that will give you superb output without hurting your budget too much. Choosing Erick Delim group is like never settling for anything less than the BEST.

Highly recommended. Even the raw shots are very captivating already. Should I say more? I cannot bargain their talents. They have one of the most affordable packages to choose from but will give you output that is always above par. You will get more than what you pay for. Not getting them for your wedding will be one of the greatest regret.

Meann Espiritu-Sarnillo Bride (12-16-16)

Working with Erick and his team was a superb experience that we will treasure for a lifetime

Working with Erick and his team was a superb experience that we will treasure for a lifetime, we didn't only build up confidence during our prenup shoot, we learned so much things beyond our expectations. They made our photo shoot into reality (from just merely fantasizing it) , they are doing the impossible things. Erick and his team will do their best to come up into your chosen peg, designs and requested shots even its beyond their limits and capabilities (ex. trekking, mountain hiking, river crossing).

It was not an accident that I find ourselves along the FB page of Erick and his team, It was actually a referral from a friend of my friend, which happened by that time we are in the middle of scouting P/V packages. It was like EUREKA!!!, seeing their page for the very first time made us decide that they are the perfect team to cover our very special moment. There was some connection that I cannot explain further especially when we had our first online conversation. Sir Erick is a very down to earth person, very easy to work with, professionalism at its finest and the best troubleshooter when things are getting shaky. Photos and Videos of a wedding are to last a lifetime, so don't stress yourself , book them now, and you won't regret it. Package wise everything says it all, financial friendly rates without breaking your bank accounts and savings and most of all the quality of work and passion of taking our Prenup/Wedding photos surpass even our wildest expectations.

We are truly blessed and beyond thankful for having them as our best supplier, our prenup photos are absolutely captivating and jaw dropping which we shoot in the island of Anawangin and Capones Zambales. We, as a couple, love to do outdoor travels most especially hiking, we wanted our peg to be like that and no hesitations, Erick and his team came up with the perfect plan of executing things so easy, they will not stop till they give you the best shot of your lifetime. Dan and I are cannot imagine how many times we played our SDE, It was superb!. Many thanks for being our P/V, you made us feel at ease and showed endless patience and professionalism, all the best and God bless.

Aileen Q. Marciano Aileen Marciano-Jao Bride (May 19,2018)

They worked beyond what they are expected of.

Planning our wedding overseas is quite a tough job, but Sir Erick was so accommodating, that he tried his best to reach and work hand-in-hand with us. During our prenup in Las Casas, his team was so flexible, and kahit na di nila trabaho, ginagawa parin nila. Sir Erick is a perfectionist! Gusto niya, perfect lahat ng shots niya. Gusto niya itodo yung pag-project! He wanted that once in a lifetime experience to be memorable, and that is through his picture-perfect shots. His team was awesome! Wala kameng masabi sakanila, walang arte, di mo mariringgan ng reklamo, they were enjoying what they were doing. They worked beyond what they are expected of. Super worth it na ikaw, kayo, Sir Erick ang pinili namen! No regrets talaga! Kahit paulit ulit namen panuorin mag-asawa yung videos at tignan ang mga photos, hindi nakakasawa, and those photos/videos bring back our wedding memories 3 months ago. Pag-tinignan mo yung works ni Sir Erick and team, parang feeling mo, kahapon lang kayo kinasal, kasi andun parin yung kilig na pino-portray sa works niya. During our wedding day in Cabanatuan, they were on time, kahit na they had to travel from Manila. Super professional talaga.

No more hesitations! Message niyo si Sir Erick, and book na kayo agad! Worth it talaga! šŸ™‚

KayeKaye Hamlig-Ador Kaye/Danrick (02 June 2018)

About The Supplier

After working as a Graphic Artist in a printing company in 2007, I found myself as a student in Photography. I started first as a hobbyist, and eventually I was inspired by the works of some of the well-known wedding photographers. That was the time that I decided to shift into wedding.

In 2009, I decided to apply as a part time apprentice during weekends in a wedding studio. It took me years of training, hard work, and patience from different mentors before I developed my skills and knowledge of the craft. Eventually I decided to quit my weekday job and fulfill my dream to become a full time wedding photographer.

Fast forward 2014, I decided to start my own studio. I am now the owner and Main Photographer of Erick Delim Photography and Films. With over 500 weddings in my experience, we are now offering high quality photo and video services for weddings, debut and other corporate events.


Shooting weddings will always be my passion. I always put my heart on it. When Iā€™m shooting on a wedding, I always feel like Iā€™m on a mission to capture the best moments that will happen on the wedding day. I am always motivated to do my job, produce the best photos and satisfy my clients. At the same time, I make sure that my clients are relaxed and they not feel the stress during the photo shoot. I always tell them to just enjoy the moment and be happy on their special day.

My style in wedding photography is a mix of both old school and modern photography. I believe that both stylized photography (directed and posed shots) and Lifestyle photography (candid shots and relax) can co-exist and will bring out the best in my client on their wedding and pre-nup pictorials.

It is always my PASSION in wedding that motivates me to produce ELEGANT photos and capture TIMELESS moments for the satisfaction of my clients.

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Quality Photography at a minimal cost compared to others

We just love everything from Erick's team. Quality Photography at a minimal cost compared to others. He is a very flexible supplier. We never heard any negative comments from them. I remember that we already agreed at a specific date for our prenup shoot and 2days before that date, my husband went through a fire tragedy . He didn't even asked for damages though we know we didn't do to our commitment to our contract agreement. In addition to that, during our prenup shoot we almost reached 8pm at the site cause we insist to used every props we have. Again, We never heard any negative comment even though we knew that they are tired.

We assure you that you won't have any regrets of having him. Don't hesitate. Have this guy as part of your happily ever after wedding event.

Just keep up the good work guys! We know that you can manage to do great shots at any given situation.

Karen Chu Victor & Karen June 11, 2017

The best outcome you will never expect!

The best outcome you will never expect! Ofcourse everybody wants the best outcome for their big day but Sir Erick and his team surpassed our expectations!! I am sure not only ours but everyone !! šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘

Don't hesitate! These guys know their craft really well!! Since the best souvenir that we could keep from your special day would be the pictures and videos. All of us would be willing to shell out for that extra cash just to hire the famous photographers out there but the price of the service of Erick Delim is very competitive one and one word really suits it, SULIT!! šŸ‘Œ These guys are very professional, humble and considerate. You will never feel the pressure during your prenup shoot, it helps to bring the best in you IMO. Hindi pilit ang mga smile! And after you saw some of your shots you will be very eager to get every pictures and videos they took! Until now I am still amaze with the outcome of our wedding pictures and videos, especially with the save the date and SDE video. A million thanks is not enough to show how grateful we are with their work! šŸ‘Š

Jean Erika De Vera Duque Dec 9, 2017

The video they made for our wedding makes me cry everytime I watch it.

Erick and his team were phenomenal when it comes to their craft. When we had our prenup, Erick's team were there and had everything setup before we arrived. my husband is not so comfortable with pictures but they even made him looked so relaxed in the pictures. We also have a request for a special photoshoot and Erick found a way to get our request granted. During our wedding, a lot of things are so chaotic but thankfully Erick and his team stood out among our suppliers. They are focused on their task and make sure all the special moments were captured. Overall, we were very satisfied with their work and should we need photographer in the future, We do know who to get. Ps: The video they made for our wedding makes me cry everytime I watch it.

Don't miss your chance to work with this great team.

Blossom H Blossom