Attention: Wedding Suppliers in The Philippines

How to Get More Clients
...on Auto Pilot

Are you a Photographer, Videographer, Florist, Event Stylist, Hair and Makeup Artist, Wedding Planner, Bridal Gown Designer, Jeweler, Bridal Shoe Designer, Caterer, Lights & Sounds Provider, Invitation Designer, Wedding Cake Designer, Event Host, Bridal Car Supplier, Reception Venue Owner, Gift & Giveaways Supplier, Photobooth Supplier, Mobile Bar Supplier or a Wedding Musician?

Here's How You Can Stop Worrying
About Your Next Month's Bills

We at The Top Knotters are more focused on helping your brand get that exposure that you deserve increasing your marketability.

The Storefront is a custom-built sales page for the rockin' wedding suppliers that wants to show off their style and pizazz while showing off their works and client raves.

The Cheapest and Less Saturated
Advertising Platform...

Are you frustrated of all those wedding blogs that charge very expensive advertising fees but  rarely converts? 

You thought advertising on a foreign-owned wedding blog would give you more reach and bookings?

Imagine paying Php 60,000 a month for a 100x100 website banner or a Php 70,000 listing for a super saturated market that does not even give you client inquiries. Does paying a large amount of money equate to faster return of investment always? You know the answer! It's a NO!

The Marketplace have the most affordable advertising platform designed to target local soon-to-weds living both here in the Philippines  and  overseas. This makes choosing to invest your money in The Marketplace a no-brainer.


Finally, an advertising platform that's worth my money.

Camille Suguitan - CamZar Photography

Helps You in
Promoting Your Brand ...

Compared to other wedding blogs, we at The Top Knotters, commit to help you in promoting your brand by giving you your very own optimized sales page inside The Marketplace. On top of that, we are equipping you with the tools and knowledge to reach your target market on your different social media platforms. 

The Marketplace helps amplify your online presence in the world of wedding industry.

Just imagine yourself getting  discovered more by people looking for possible suppliers to choose from. How would you feel? With The Marketplace making it easier for your clients to find you, you won't have to worry about the flow of inquiries coming your way.

The Secret Sauce:
It's the Reliable People Behind the Brand ...

Who understands more the marketing concerns of a wedding supplier other than a wedding supplier who have experienced exactly your same pains and struggles?

Most wedding websites think that you are just willing to "throw away" money for advertisements because earning money is easy for you. And you're spending Php 70,000 without expecting results! They are sooooo DEAD WRONG!

And so you are left to doing your marketing on your own by posting  contents with no direction, spending facebook ads that target everyone but hooks no one, and you get frustrated when after computing your expenses, you are spending more than what you earn. It's a vicious cycle! And that makes you feel it's HOPELESS.

As a former wedding photographer, now a Social Media Strategist, I want to help you with your online presence. But not only that, I will also teach you how to market your brand effectively on social media, engage them and land them as your clients.

Here are the complete features & benefits of having your own Storefront!

  • Amplify your online presence in the world of wedding industry. 
  • Get discovered more by people just looking for possible suppliers to choose from.
  • Increase more referrals through word of mouth with the help of your client raves.
  • Strengthen your business reputation by getting positive reviews from your past clients.
  • Increase brand awareness. Every encounter a person has with your business increases their awareness and familiarity with your brand, which warms them up for further engagement.

Optimized Sales Page

No more guessing on how to impress your audience. It's designed to sell your brand and highlight your strengths.

Your Brand Logo

A well-conceived & designed logo can be instrumental in building & maintaining a certain image of your brand.

About You Section

Tell your clients what your brand stands for. What your story is all about so you can connect with your target market.

Email Contact

A well-run email marketing campaign is effective, inexpensive and builds good will with customers. 

Social Media Links

Your customers are likely to interact with your brand many times before they decide to purchase your product. 

Website Link

Lead Prospects to your landing page to capture them and impress them with your other works.


Client Raves

Testimonials aren’t just a reason to market your products or services; they’re an opportunity to connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Featured Works

One great way to create a positive experience for your audience is by up-dating your Featured Works on your storefront.


Show your potential customers how they can benefit working with you or hiring you for their wedding/event.

We actually help build your brand...

This is for you if...

  • bullseye
    You're a solopreneur and you barely have time on your hands to create a strategic marketing plan for your brand while balancing work and family time. We'll show you how in a way you will easily understand and be able to implement immediately.
  • bullseye
    You have been frustrated many times on trying to understand, find and reach your target market. By crafting one for your brand, your messages will have more focus and you'll stop trying to cast a wider net just to reach them.
  • bullseye
    You are money-smart & knows what a value-for-money platform looks like. You can easily see how you will benefit from this.
  • bullseye
    You have been burned by website ad banners that don't generate leads. So we took out the bad and kept all what's good and added our own secret ingredient to make this platform work. (which you can also steal and apply for your business.)

This is NOT for you if...

  • bullseye
    You expect sales out of thin air. Using this system takes work. If you don't do your work and if you don't have an offer people want, there's nothing we can do to help you.
  • bullseye
    You think you're going to "make money!" without doing any work. That's like going to the gym to be a member and expect getting ripped without doing any  then canceling and buying something else. We don't want anything to do with people like that.
  • bullseye
    You aren't willing to give it at least a few months and work at it 15-30 minutes per day. (i.e. tap your clients and ask for your brand feedback, really, I promise, it's not complicated)
  • bullseye
    You're not interested in discovering your unique brand experience. We're actually giving you tools used by top corporations for their branding. 

BONUS: FREE ONLINE Bridal Fair Registration Fee

Ever experienced the hassles of an actual Bridal Fair?

You need to spend around Php 30,000 or more for just a 2-3 day event. 

Not to mention the expensive cost of printing new materials,

the inconvenience of logistics and looking for manpower can burn a hole in our wallets.

..and sometimes you just want to slap yourself on the forehead (after not getting any client leads or bookings).

Because you've just burned around Php 50,000 - Php 60,000 for that.

With the Top Knotters Online Bridal Fair, you can now avoid the expensive logistics of an actual bridal fair.

No more hassle of going through the metro traffic

Relax all week long while answering inquiries from home...

And best part of it, you're spending more time with your family...

Seriously, with the current weather, you'll just want to stay inside your house. Right?

When you avail of our launch promo, you can also save up as much as Php 3,000 for the registration.

And you'll be one of the pioneers of The Top Knotters Online Bridal Fair happening this September 2018.

Imagine a 24/7 365 day lead-generating page and a FREE Online Bridal Fair Registration. . 

It's a WIN-WIN

Still not enough? How about this as

  • Exclusive Facebook Group for Storefront Owners. Receive more coaching tips on how to talk to & attract your target market and create more sales by optimizing your sales page. (Php 8,000 value)
  • Social Media Marketing Mentors & Coaches.  a monthly webinar EXCLUSIVE to our group that could help you improve your brand marketing or even personal improvement from other mentors and coaches in digital marketing. (Php 36,000 value)
  • Monthly Giveaways. Get a chance to win prizes from The Top Knotters. Be active. Participate. Engage one another. At the end of the month, we will be raffling off a prize that can help you and your brand. (Php 12,000 value)

That's Php 56,000 worth of value added as BONUS to the Ultimate Sales Page that you are getting. It's a STEAL!

But here's the BEST PART

We're not going to charge you Php 80,000  for everything...

Not even Php 50,000... or Php 36,000

It's just Php 2,000 per month (Php 24,000) if you avail of this PROMO this week.



A big help to suppliers, especially for those just starting out like us...

"They’ve been a big help to suppliers, especially for those just starting out like us because we’re able to somehow allow ourselves to be recognized in the industry. Right after we were featured, we received several inquiries thru our FB page and were even able to book one couple from those inquiries soon after. "

Lex Alinsod, Project LxD (Photographer)

Hurry! Limited Time Offer Only...

This ​offer is LIMITED  to  20  suppliers ONLY per category UNTIL July 7, 2018.

Because when that clock up there hits zero, we’re pulling the plug on the pre-sale price...  33% off. 

Rates will go back to original SRP of Php 3,000 per month after said date without the BONUSES

100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS! Money Back Guarantee

Simply complete the coursework from the first Module of the course. Yes, we're going to teach you how to build your ULTIMATE SALES PAGE. And it requires your participation. 

Remember when we mentioned about equipping you with the fishing rod and the skills how to fish? This is it!

If you do the assigned work and still decide the storefront isn’t right for you send us an email. Once we receive your completed coursework, you’ll get a swift and complete refund.

We'll still remain friends, and we certainly won't have any hard feelings.



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can I send my payment via bank transfer?

Do you accept payment plans? 

I just sent my payment, what do I do next?

How do I know this will work in my business?


You DREAM of making it big...

You want to have more time with your family...

You want to become a top booker...

You want to learn how to market your brand...

That's cool, and honestly, it's great to set goals and aspirations...

But bottomline have to TAKE ACTION!

This offer will be gone when the clock stops ticking. 

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