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Our photos look timeless and classic

I can still remember the love and excitement of our wedding day until today by just looking at the photos, slideshows, and videos. It feels like yesterday. Our photos look timeless and classic.

I would tell them that Jfagela Photography is worth the try and they will not regret the experience.

Mary Hope Antic Hope and James May 1, 2018

About The Supplier

Hello! I’m Jaimar. Our team is managed by me and my wife MC . Our specialties include anticipation and capturing the real moments of the wedding day and not staging the celebration. We cover around 60-80 events per year because we value the relationships that are created and maintained with our couples. It’s Quality over Quantity. The Dream Client for us are those who know simplicity and timeless aesthetics. They look after the quality of the product instead of the quantity they will receive. Their wedding will be remembered a hundred years as timeless, unique and fun. Our approach and style of storytelling has lead us toward being the observer and letting the event naturally unfold. We focus on creating artistic heirlooms by capturing the raw emotions, details, and natural beauty of the day.

We firmly believe it’s a wedding, not a photoshoot; and we are devoted to telling the real story of the day. We feel that there is beauty in truth, and if your event was a blast, your photos will reflect that. If it was sweet and emotional, the pictures will tell that story, too!

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for an affordable photographer and videographer, jfagela will definitely exceed everyones expectation

The SDE was just perfect for the couples personality... awesome team..

I would tell those who are having second thoughts booking JFagela Photography that for an affordable photographer and videographer, jfagela will definitely exceed everyones expectation...

Mark Gregg Anthony C. Balandra Hope and James / may 1 2018