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What Clients Say About Us


She took time to study my face and what is best for me

I super love Ms. Joyc, she is very professional and accommodating to all my concerns and requests. She took time to study my face and what is best for me. If you don't like looking like a drag queen, get her for your event as well! Super no hulas even if I sweat alot and very oily pa! Bonus part even if you are not yet hulas she will still make sure that you look great every now and then.

Ask her anything and she will not hesitate to tell you what is real and not. She is very straightforward person same as to her work, she will only give you the best!

I love her!!!

Princess Fay Bride

I was very glad that Miss Joyc made sure that my make up lasted from morning til evening! No need to retouch!

I’m very satisfied how Miss Joyc handled my hair and make up for my friend’s wedding. I’m not a fan of make up because I sweat a lot and I was afraid that it will just look smudgy without any retouch. However, I was very glad that Miss Joyc made sure that my make up lasted from morning til evening! No need to retouch! Superb service! Highly recommended!

Don’t hesitate to hire Miss Joyc! She will gladly consider what you want. She’s very open and warm. I like her approach, no kaartehan or whatsoever. I also like the fact that her location is very accessible to mine.

Lesley June 24, 2018

I so love my look that day. From my hair to my makeup. Thanks for keeping my flaws covered. And thank you for showing the beauty in me

What I love about Ms Joyc is she comes prepared for everything. I remember the time i approached her booth as walk-in client, she has materials ready for presentation (Drawing of faces in a paper and of course her make ups). She will color them and give you the glimpse of how you would look in your special day. A very quick and unique way of showing her skill in the artistry of makeup. I was so impressed. Not only she knows how to make you beautiful but she also knows how to take care of your skin with the brands she is using. High quality of make ups and moisturizers. Moreover, during our prenup, i actually had an instant new set of wardrobes or ootd. Thanks to her preparedness. She lend me gown and accessories which was apart from the real service i have availed. She made sure that i was the most beautiful girl in my pictorial. And though the night was setting in, she was with me until the photoshoot was over. It was a tiring day but i never saw her enthusiasm and excitment cease to exist. Always smiling and has something to boost your day. Wedding day comes and i remeber she sets the mood of the room happy and lively. She was very professional and was on time which is a big "ganda" points to her. She sets up her make up station with compelete lighting, mirrors, chair, good brand of makes, brushes, moisturizers and accessories. I so love my look that day. From my hair to my makeup. Thanks for keeping my flaws covered. And thank you for showing the beauty in me. I will surely get you on our another special day.

Do you want to have someone who can make you "beautiful" at the same time pampered and spoiled? Look no more because you' ve got the best in Joyc Young Hair and Makeup service. You will love the way she takes care of you and your skin. Coz' no doubt, your beauty becomes real!

Thank you for making my wedding day so special! Looking forward to work with you again!!!

Janice Marcelo November 20, 2016

About The Supplier

Trained by the Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty (Manila) and active in the wedding makeup business since 2012, Joyc Young is very experienced in her field. An artist by trade and a perfectionist by heart, Joyc will always take the time to study the face that will be the canvass of her masterpiece. She will launch into an in-depth observation of the client’s bone structure, skin type, and personal style. You can relax under the deft hands of Joyc as she customizes the look according to her client’s needs and ensures that you are at your utmost glowing during your very special day. But her work doesn’t stop at merely putting makeup on her client. She will take care to ease the anxieties of the bride and help her relax with her soothing skin care preparation regimen before applying makeup. Joyc also brings her organizational skills to her craft as she’s regularly punctual and strictly abides by the wedding makeup timeline she created for her brides. Now that’s one less thing to worry about!

Joyc’s background in graphic design and photography have also equipped her with the skills to determine the colors best suited for your skin tone and create looks that will make you positively pop in front of the camera. In fact, she also does runway editorial looks, magazine shoots and theater for MAC Cosmetics.Joyc’s artistic repertoire has recently expanded to the realm of semi-permanent makeup: microblading under the schooling of Phi Brows; ombre eyebrows, eyeliner, keratin lash lift, and lip shading under Aesthetics International Academy. She applies her precision strokes to create the most natural brows, lifted lashes, healthy looking lips, and lined wings for the modern woman. When it comes down to it, Joyc’s makeover mission is to enhance (instead of change) what’s already the natural beauty within and build confidence. For Joyc, makeup is a collaborative effort between the artist and the client—a sacred bond between the two. You will not come out as a completely different person but your absolutely best self both inside and out.

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Joyc Young can do anything and everything.

Learned lots of technical stuff about make up because she explains everything, from color choices to correct application

Joyc Young can do anything and everything. I came in for a black and white photoshoot and she did everything: clothes and accessories styling, hair and make up. I'm really clueless about girly stuff so it was very reassuring that she explained her color palette choices, highlights and contours and their effects on the photo. I was so happy about the look she put together so I didn't want to change out of the outfit and remove the make up. Since it was a black and white shoot, she had to heavily apply the make up. I'm morena so I usually worry about choosing the wrong colors and looking cheap. She advised me on which colors worked best with my skin tone and features. Another worry of mine is that one of my eyes is smaller than the other and it's usually more obvious in photos. She managed to even them out so the photos looked fabulous (even though I'm bad at posing and angling and stuff like that). Basically, it was a wondefully fun -even educational - experience.

PS She can also do effects for themed shoots 😉

Chia Photoshoot

she went beyond what she signed up for.

Miss Joyc really knows her craft, for sure. She brought out the beauty in us and that, in itself, made us very comfortable posing for our pre-wedding shoot. 🙂 But the most impressive thing about her, is that she went beyond what she signed up for by helping us even pick our clothes and accessories, though her service only covers HMU. She is a very warm person and is easy to work with. In fact, we are very excited to work with her again on our wedding day!

Don’t think twice of getting Miss Joyc's service, you won't be disappointed.

Carolyn Tim & Carol | Jan 19, 2019

I liked the fact that they study the faces of their clients.

A collaborative and fun experience are the benefits I gained from working with them because I basically know what I want for my wedding and I appreciated that she respects her client’s thoughts and desires.

Joyc or Joyc’s team are not merely a make up artists who will just make you look better but they importantly enhance client’s asset. I liked the fact that they study the faces of their clients. Also, they give necessary suggestions that will make you feel comfortable to give your trust because they’re all professionals on their craft.