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Great service, good value for money

Great service, good value for money. We had their photography service on our wedding day (no prenup shoots, whatsoever). They were punctual and were a pleasure to work with. They made us comfortable to pose for the camera and I'm happy with the results. The best part was I got a copy of the raw photos right after our wedding reception. We then received the final output within a few days.

Check out their portfolio. Mark is a nice person to talk to. He generously answers queries and can accommodate requests.

Celeste Amelia Alvarez Amy/Al (July 15, 2015)

Marked Lab will definitely deliver above your expectations

The team is very professional. They all dressed properly whatever their role in the team was. Though they look serious, they will always find reasons to be jolly and just enjoy the shoot with their client. They will even demo the pose (which makes the shoot really cute as they are all males wearing long sleeves ) to make it look easy and comfortable for you.

Photos will be the invariable souvenir of your once-in-a-lifetime event. You would want it truly heartfelt that when you look at the photos you will reminisce how you discern on your special day. Marked Lab will definitely deliver above your expectations. The outcome will give you a roller coaster ride of emotions in every captured moment of every second of a very wonderful day. A team of 4-5 person feels like 10 people surrounding the venue to snap every detail with charm and beauty.

Joyce Anne Nava Navarro/Nava (01/14/2018)

They are a happy crazy bunch who knows their craft.

They are very professional and fun to work with. They are a happy crazy bunch who knows their craft.

If you are thinking of getting a team of photographers for your event, get this team! They are AWESOME!

Jen Nunez December 6, 2014

About The Supplier

I started film photography back in 2006 as one of our requirement in our college major. I enjoy it a lot, so much joy, 70% of my weekly allowance goes to buying film, developing and printing. Not a good idea if you live in Rizal, you commute everyday, and your school is in Quiapo. Yes.. Quiapo, the hub where film photography and snatchers strive. Kidding aside, as a hobbyist the first few subjects I photographed are not human. Food, rocks, flowers, insects, name it; I probably have an image of it.

Year 2010 is my first wedding photography gig, followed by another one the next year. 2013 is the year I got married and started my own photography studio. I'm a buttered husband and thank the Lord every single day for my wife. 

I shoot with enthusiasm and have a freestyle way of doing things that makes my heart beats faster.  

I am Mark Paralejas, Marked Lab's head honcho.    

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They were also the ones who took care of our prenup shots so the best benefit from working with them on the main event(the wedding day) is that my wife and I are both confident with regards to their output 🙂


You guys have exceeded our expectations! 🙂 Continue being wacky and being yourself in front of all your clients, this brings genuineness to your art, we hope all the best for you guys! 🙂 Thank you very much!

Mark Kevin N. Esteban Groom - Aug.8, 2018 wedding

They gave their very best from the very beginning through the end. Great team!

Aside that the supplier (Mark) is my brother-in-law good friend, which eventually became our friend too. They gave their very best from the very beginning through the end.Great team!

Don't be intimidated, they maybe look so serious, but it is because they are so passionate about their work, but once you get started, there's surely no dull moments. Just all Fun!

Leslie Paul V Celestra Groom March 19,2016