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You can never go wrong with this company and its output

We love working with the person behind "Mike Cobarrubias Photography", me and my husband were shy type. We didn't know how to pose and smile in front of the camera but he assisted us. Our engagement shoot and wedding photos came out great. He only uses natural lighting and some black and white shade for a dramatic feel that's why we loved it. He is very professional, patient, cheerful and an all around photographer.

Most of us considers spending less on photography, without having considered quality of work and photos. His rates were very reasonable with all the hardwork and product. You can never go wrong with this company and its output. If you want timeless photos, candid and artistic shots go work with "Mike Cobarrubias Photography". Guaranteed!

We didn't experience any problem working with him. He was very prompt in replying to inquiries and requests. Always early on call time- in fact very early. He can create a light environment while working. All we can say is that we are thankful we came cross to such talent and person. More gigs to come.

Gillei Mae Taladua-Llanes Spencer/Gillei 8/8/18

Almost all our suppliers before were all from Batangas but still I chose him to be our photographer

Mike and his team were very warming all through out the event. They are easy to work with and they make us comfortable during the photoshoot. Even if it was tiring the whole day but we're still able to give our best pose because of how mike and his team handle the photoshoot. We were overwhelmed with the result of our wedding pictures when it was showed in the SDE photo. Not only us but also our family and friends were satisfied with our pictures.

There's no room for hesitation. It was shown in his portfolio how passionate he is with his craft. If they don't know mike personally, they can check his gallery and surely they will get the same result. He can make the best out of the couple. Almost all our suppliers before were all from Batangas but still I chose him to be our photographer. It's important that a couple will select the best suppliers to achieve what they want in their wedding.

We were very thankful that he was our photographer. He is professional in all his ways. Just continue to make all the couple happy and satisfied with their wedding pictures because it's worth keeping for.

Millene Grace B. Quijada Paul & Millene April 14, 2018

What I loved was his style - simple, bright, clean and classy!

Mike was very easy to talk to before and after booking. What I loved was his style - simple, bright, clean and classy! He knew what he was doing so we trusted him and our photos were great!

My fiance and I were comfortable during the shoot -Thanks to Mike who made the shoot light and fun! Mike even helped in choosing the venue and even gave suggestions with our look. We were happy with the photos!

Marla Montemayor - Ipac Marla/Arjel June 25,2018

About The Supplier

Hi. My name is Mike, a father to Dos and a wedding photographer. Mentored by my friend, Dominic, I started my career as a photographer in January 2011. Having been exposed to different events especially weddings, the unearthing of my talent in photography led to the discovery of a deeper meaning about my passion—that is, when God has bestowed a gift of talent upon a person, this gift must be translated into actions. More importantly, exerting 100% effort in developing remarkable results. In my case, that is producing not only remarkable photos, but also moving photographs where the captured moments come to life.

As the years passed, more and more people helped me through mentorship and demonstration in actual junctures. I was also able to develop my unique style in wedding photography—capturing relaxed, expressive, candid, and more natural and spontaneous-looking photos especially of the bride and groom. It is of utmost importance that my photos are with overbearing emotions of the couple where their deepest sentiments can be viewed and felt by anybody who would witness my work. That one day, no matter how many years have lapsed and when looks have already wilted, their wedding photographs have not faded and will be a constant reminder of how deeply and truly they have loved one another when they made their vows on the most important day of their lives.

I am a photographer with boundless drive and undying commitment. This is my work. This is my passion. This is Mike Cobarrubias.

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Excellent Wedding Photo

The artistic craft of Mike and his team is surely a good investment. In our experience, His photos conveys a genuine concept of happiness, love and family which every couple would like to see after their wedding. One special characteristic of Mike's team is that every concept is holistic. They move as one, all passionate, they are comfortable to be with and most of all they are not lazy.

Thank you Mike for a job well done. Continue what you are doing, We're very lucky we were able to find a supplier like you. KUDOS.

Spencer Llanes Mr and Mrs Spencer Llanes Aug 8, 2018