If ever one could make flowers to last, surely, that’s us. ThePaperblooms is a paper flower company that creates artistic flower replica of almost any flower in the market that you can name. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted from choice materials to create a masterpiece of sheer passion, artistry and delight. Paper flowers, if handled and cared properly, may last for years, thus, keep the memories of your big day fresh through times.



What Clients Say About Us


I am 100% sure that they can deliver and will go out of their way to give you the best...

I remember the first time I talked to them and inquired about my bouquet and flowers for my entourage, it felt like I gain a new friend who is always there to inspire me and back me up.

Out of all the vendors we've hired, The Paper Blooms is the only one who really delivered. And what they have delivered is way more than what I have expected. I fell in love with the flowers!!! They were perfect! And I won't be recommending them only for weddings, but also for any other special occasion you may have. I am 100% sure that they can deliver and will go out of their way to give you the best.

Gerry is also someone you can definitely rely on. I was super stressed with the wedding preparation and he was really a big help! He always does the follow ups and gives me updates on my orders. And he has a lot of creative ideas! If only he can do wedding planning, I would be hiring him, back then.

Dianne Lane Co - Tvärne Bride

A unique, artsy touch to the magical event of my life...

A unique, artsy touch to the magical event of my life.

Doing a DIY wedding, while fun, can sometimes be stressful especially when the couple want an artsy touch to it. We experienced this first-hand as we love arts and crafts but can't happen to do everything on our own. It's a blessing that The Paperblooms is there! The flowers add wonderful colors to our gloomy weather wedding day. It's whimsical. We love it; everyone loves it and even the guests would like to have their own paper bouquet. The flowers were perfectly made! It's also a plus that tito Gerry is so easy to deal with. He is full of ideas to share and very passionate with what he does and in ensuring that our ideas will come to life. This is the aspect of our wedding that we didn't worry about. Until now, I have my bouquet and my husband's buttonaire displayed in our apartment. It's really a great decision and I encourage the future brides to do the same. Thanks so much, The Paperblooms.

The company is helpful and really, really creative.

Geralyn R. Fabreag-Regondola Bride

About The Supplier

Making paper flowers is just a pet project that I did as a solution to my then-fiancée request of a lightweight wedding bouquet when we get wed in September 2013. Much to my surprise that it can become a commercial pursuit, now known as ThePaperblooms, which provides would-be couples an alternative flower solution, and a handcrafted memento to people who wants something unique. Since then, we have been providing clients with crazy realistic replica of their selected flowers. Thus, my workflow often includes botanical research and flower deconstruction to develop a more natural paper replica using premium and heavy crepe papers, and specialty boards. Alongside every love story are memories that are kept alive over time, a token of the past that was kept fresh through the years – that’s what ThePaperblooms is about – handcrafted flowers that keep itself fresh without watering needed.

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Still Having Second Thoughts?


It's one of the best decisions I made as a bride-to-be.

Gerry was a dream to work with. He was overflowing with so much creativity and passion, that I just decided to get him right then and there. He’s really easy to work with, and the output is beyond my wildest imagination! Every petal of every flower was crafted with perfection in mind. Hindi minadali, alam mong gawa with love. Now, I get to keep my bouquet in all its glory. Thank you so much, Paperblooms!

Before I looked for gown designs, color motifs, and cake pegs, I had my bouquet set on stone. Design-wise, it was everything I've ever wanted; the colors and flowers were all perfectly combined, and all I had to do was look for a supplier. After looking around, I realized a bridal bouquet wasn't going to come cheap, and the kuripot in me couldn't accept paying more than ten thousand pesos for something that would wilt even before my wedding day ended. I scoured the net for a more practical solution, and that’s when I found PaperBlooms. Instead of paying for something that wouldn’t last, they offer a practical yet stunning bouquet option for brides. It's still not cheap, but it's definitely a GREAT INVESTMENT! Even my bridesmaids thanked me for getting them paper bouquets.

Grace Agustin-Wytiu Bride