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Attention: We​dding Suppliers

How To Get Bridal Fair Bookings
Easily, Cheaply, & Automatically 
Even While You Sleep

Join over 40+ wedding suppliers getting bookings on autopilot...

Are you a Photographer, Videographer, Florist, Event Stylist, Hair and Makeup Artist, Wedding Planner, Bridal Gown Designer, Jeweler, Bridal Shoe Designer, Caterer, Lights & Sounds Provider, Invitation Designer, Wedding Cake Designer, Event Host, Bridal Car Supplier, Reception Venue Owner, Gift & Giveaways Supplier, Photobooth Supplier, Mobile Bar Supplier or a Wedding Musician?

Dear Supplier Friend, 

Hi! I am Dominic Barrios and I was once a wedding supplier like you. Like you, I've invested thousands of pesos on advertising, bridal fairs, magazines, calendars, directory listings... Name it. And you're at their mercy, praying to the booking gods that some bride will see your ad, get their attention and miraculously book you.

But now, I help wedding suppliers get more bridal fair bookings easily, cheaply and automatically even while you sleep.

I know this is hard to believe but it is not. In this page, I'll show you how.

Here's how you can avoid wasting your time
in traffic and still get more bookings...

Traffic! Just the thought of it makes you vomit. Admit it. Automatically, that's 2-5 hours on the road getting stuck with all the carmageddon. What happens? You are losing more time. Time for more productive work, time for family, and time for rest. 

Time, unlike money, does not replenish.

With Online Bridal Fairs, you can now avoid the hassles of waking up so early to beat traffic, you now have more time to spend with your family, and more time to rest at home while working in your pajamas. That means you're actually earning from your online bookings while you're at home.

What I liked most was the exposure we had to the followers of TK. Also, I liked reading the testimonials given by my previous clients, which was displayed on our storefronts. I got around 15 inquiries during the first Online Bridal Fair by TK and 4 bookings that week.

Ivy Palomares


Adds more passive source of clients on top of investing for bridal fairs...

The biggest chunk of the expenses when joining bridal fairs, are your booth and logistics. That's almost Php 30,000-60,000 worth of investment down the drain. Not only that, you also need to consider the cost for you to achieve your ROI. But before you can put up your booth, you will also need to pay for your space which costs another Php 20,000-30,000. We all know actual bridal fairs still work. No doubt about that. We're just saying, it's also very expensive.

But what if we can add more passive source of clients for your business? This is where Online Bridal Fairs can save you all the stress, and yet get you more profits through online bookings. 

No more bulky fliers and wasted calling cards that go straight to the trash can...

You're excited for your first ever actual bridal fair. You spent money for your calling card design and your fliers. Come the day of the event, you find out that you still have 5 more bundles of fliers that weren't given away. What's worse, you're planning of increasing your rates real soon. 

Besides, soon-to-weds don't really bring home most of those fliers. Some of them go straight to the trash can because they already know who they wanted to book. With Online Bridal Fairs, you're saving more money, you're also being eco-friendly and the best part is, you've already earned with just one booking. 

Before signing up, I reviewed other wedding blogs and marketing blogs. I chose TK because they're new and not yet over-crowded. I've noticed that other wedding blogs have so many suppliers already and it is nakakahilo. Your brand would be at a disadvantage and won't be noticed if you're a smaller studio.

David Garmsen


Here's the BEST part...

Get more prospect clients that are more likely to buy from you...

We all have that one favorite and ideal client. You know! The one that really loved your work, bought your highest package and had no problems whatsoever paying you, and keeps recommending you to their friends. Don't we all wish we can find more of them?
Well, now it's possible. Introducing the first wedding directory listing WITH chatbots that would engage your target clients and find other prospect clients that would more likely get your services as well. Using chatbots and facebook ads, earning from Online Bridal Fairs is easier than actual bridal fairs.


The Top Knotters Marketplace

Risk-free, lead-generating marketing platform for wedding suppliers that instantly target clients who are most likely to book you.

  • Your very own optimized sales page that sells your brand 24/7 to your target market
  • Your customers are likely to interact with your brand many times before they decide to get your service that's why we made sure your social media links are all displayed.
  • About Section. Tell your clients what your brand stands for so that your story connects you with your target market.
  • Lead prospect clients to your website link to capture them and impress them with your other works to get that booking.
  • Client Raves. They aren’t just a reason to market your products or services; they’re an opportunity to connect with your audience on an emotional level.
  • Gallery/Portfolio. Show your potential customers how they can benefit working with you or hiring you for their wedding.
  • Customer Chat Popup. Directly chat with your clients real time through your facebook page messenger displayed on your storefront. No more waiting for emails.
  • Facebook Messenger bots. They're the new best thing for facebook advertisers that helps capture the buying behaviour of your target market, and reach other people with the same behaviour and are likely to get your services.

Here's what you'll get:

4 Months Worth 
of Marketing & Exposure That Converts

Instead of just 5 days of being visible online to your target market, we are giving you 4 months worth of marketing and exposure inside The Top Knotters Marketplace. Be discovered and get more bookings online just by listing down your brand with us.

The Storefront is a custom-built sales page for the rockin' wedding suppliers that wants to show off their style and pizazz while showing off their works and client raves.

The Cheapest and Less Saturated
Advertising Platform

Are you frustrated of all those wedding blogs that charge very expensive advertising fees but rarely converts?

You thought advertising on a foreign-owned wedding blog would give you more reach and bookings?

Imagine paying Php 60,000 a month for a 100x100 website banner or a Php 70,000 listing for a super saturated market that does not even give you client inquiries. Does paying a large amount of money equate to faster return of investment always? You know the answer! It's a NO!

The Marketplace has the most affordable advertising platform designed to target local soon-to-weds living both here in the Philippines and overseas. This makes choosing to invest your money in The Marketplace a no-brainer.

Curated Content
for The High-End Market

Compared to other wedding blogs, we at The Top Knotters, commit to giving you more value by curating our contents which are very helpful and engaging for soon-to-weds.

The Top Knotters gives more doses of inspiration for them . We also put more value to the process rather than just the outcome of the event. Reading about the preparations and the story of the couple are just as important as seeing the wedding itself.

Currently, we have 14,000 monthly visitors, an average of 460 daily views and 5.58% bounce rate (that means, our readers STAY and READ our articles not just browse the pictures.) More time on our page means more time in really looking for their dream wedding suppliers.

The Secret Sauce:
It's the People Behind the Brand

Who understands more the marketing concerns of a wedding supplier other than a wedding supplier himself, who have experienced exactly your same pains and struggles?

Most wedding websites think that you are just willing to "throw away" money for advertisements because earning money is easy for you. And you're spending Php 70,000 without expecting results! They are sooooo DEAD WRONG!

And so you are left to doing your marketing on your own by posting contents with no direction, spending facebook ads that target everyone but hooks no one, and you get so frustrated after computing all your expenses, you find out you are spending more than what you earn. You get frustrated with the way things are going in your business and you feel it's going on a downward slope. With all these happening, you feel that you are already starting to doubt yourself.

As a former wedding photographer, I feel you... As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I want to help you connect to your market. But not only that, I will also teach you how to market your brand effectively on social media, engage them and land them as your clients giving you more bookings.

Hindi lang siya basta new supplier website that wants to cash in sa wedding industry. The Top Knotters has fresh ideas and it helps na photographer ang may-ari.

Michael Galang


So are you ready to earn more just by joining this Online Bridal Fair?

What is the Difference Between a
Directory Listing and a Sales Page?

I'll explain to you the difference between the two through this story...

30 years ago, Anna, a newly-engaged bride, would look for a supplier for her wedding dress via a yellow page directory. She would grab her thick, heavy Yellow Pages book and look for Wedding Gown Designers. Anna would note down the names of brands that offer those services, their addresses and their contact numbers. She would call up all them one by one just to check which one she's more comfortable of hiring based on how accommodating they were and how competitive their rates are. 

Anna wouldn't know how good or bad that supplier was unless she goes to their shop and check the quality of their gowns. That's how hassle it was back then... 

In this day and age, soon-to-weds like Anna would just have to go to The Marketplace, click on the Gown Designers Category and check listed the suppliers by clicking their logo. Once she clicks them, a sales page (Storefront) pops up and tells you all the details of that supplier and WHY you should hire this supplier.

With the Storefront, Anna can experience immediately how it feels to work with that brand because of the info about the supplier written on the page, impress her with their portfolio , listing down the benefits of getting this supplier and read all about the past client reviews that are beautifully displayed on the page.

Not only that, if Anna wants to get to know more about the brand, she can just click on the link to the supplier's website or social media pages, or just book them immediately through the Call To Action buttons.

What you need to know is, Old Directory Listings are OUTDATED. These days, Sales Pages are the ones that convert your leads to clients. 

Very nice storefront like it was built to sell us. Never saw that in any local online bridal fairs.

Daniel Talavera


How fast is it to get your ROI when investing for a Wedding Magazine vs The Marketplace? 

The better question is, how often would soon-to-weds be checking out Wedding Magazines (that you need to buy) which costs around let's say Php 25,000 - Php 40,000 for an ad versus a 24/7 online Marketplace for wedding suppliers which costs around less than Php 10,000 for four months and that generates FREE traffic to your brand?

You don't have to be Einstein to know that more traffic plus cheaper investment means faster ROI versus an expensive ad with fewer market access. Right?

But what if I tell you that we're giving you more than an a sales page that works for you everyday? By signing up now, you get access to tools that help find your target market.

This is for you if: 

  • You're a solopreneur and you barely have time on your hands to create a strategic marketing plan for your brand while balancing work and family time. We'll show you how in a way you will easily understand and be able to implement immediately.
  • You have been frustrated many times on trying to understand, find and reach your target market.
  • You are money-smart & knows what a value-for-money platform looks like. You can easily see how you will benefit from this.
  • You have been burned by website ad banners that don't generate leads. So we took out the bad and kept all what's good and added our own secret ingredient to make this platform work. (which you can also steal and apply for your business.)

This is NOT for you if: 

  • You expect sales out of thin air. Using this system takes work. If you don't do your work and if you don't have an offer people want, there's nothing we can do to help you.
  • You think you're going to "make money!" without doing any work. That's like going to the gym to be a member and expect getting ripped without doing any then canceling and buying something else. We don't want anything to do with people like that.
  • You aren't willing to give it at least a few months and work at it 15-30 minutes per day. (i.e. tap your clients and ask for your brand feedback, really, I promise, it's not complicated)
  • You're not interested in discovering your unique brand experience. We're actually giving you tools used by top corporations for their branding.

Still Not Enough? Here's more:

The Tool That Helps Retarget Your Market

Introducing Chatbots a.k.a FB Messenger Bots. Once someone inquires from your storefront via your messenger, you can retarget them once their data are extracted from the chatbot. Install them on your facebook ads manager and you can now send your offers right on their facebook feeds.

Just like Lazada, you can also follow your market wherever they are making your brand and offer their top-of-mind. Facebook retargeting is one of the most powerful tools businesses can use to increase their profit. With the right audience, a great offer, and perfect retargeting, it's so easy to get your ROI just by having this tool. 

Targets the Audience That Are Most Likely 
to Buy From You

Retargeting prospect clients already gives you an upper hand against your competitors. But what gives you an unfair advantage is the ability to target and create lookalike audience of people who are most likely going to avail of your services. 

Just by downloading these data from Chatbots (which just cost Php 3,000 per extraction), we can easily create and target lookalike audience of your target clients on Facebook. You're saving more money by targeting people who are most likely to buy from you than targeting random people.

Know any other wedding website platform that sells your business while helping you find more clients? Only here in The Top Knotters Marketplace.

When You Get Our Premium Package, You'll Get Free Directory Listing & Online Bridal Fair Registration

When:           March 11 - 15, 2019
Where:         The Top Knotters Marketplace
Who:             All Wedding Suppliers (Limited Slots per Category)

Offers Like This Would Already
Cost You More Than Php 10,000 

Let me ask you a few questions..

If all this directory listing and online bridal fair & the ability to retarget your audience on facebook did was help you DOUBLE your revenue for 4 months, would Php 20,000 investment be worth it?

If all this opportunity did was help you INCREASE your monthly income by only P10K each month (which is super possible, btw), would Php 20,000 investment be worth it?

If all this opportunity did was help you with exposure to your target market and get your name out there, would Php 20,000 be worth it?

Lastly, if all this opportunity did was help you SPEND LESS MONEY for advertising on ads that don't convert, or actual bridal fairs that cost more than Php 50,000 or no more guessing who your target market is on facebook, would Php 20,000 be worth it?

But I’m not really going to charge you Php 20,000 here..

Join Our Online Bridal Fair For Only Php 8,000

Last Day for Early Bird Registration is on December 15, 2018. After this date, rates will rise to P​hp 10,000.



Online Bridal Fair Only

Get bookings easily without

spending a lot.

  • Good for 5 days only
  • Storefront Account
  • 6 Client Reviews
  • Gallery & Portfolio
  • Social Media Links
  • Logo & Profile
  • Facebook Page Messenger Link





Get bookings easily without

spending a lot while retargeting clients who are more likely to buy from you.

  • Good for 4 months (January - April)
  • Storefront Account
  • 6 Client Reviews
  • Gallery & Portfolio
  • Social Media Links
  • Logo & Profile
  • Facebook Page Messenger Link
  • Customer Chat Pop-up
  • Chatbot




Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi





Simpler, faster and more effective move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Assets




Simplest, fastest and exclusive. Premium features

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free entrance

For The Action-Takers:

Here's a special treat for the FIRST 5 suppliers to subscribe:

You'll receive a FREE (1) Done-For-You Facebook Ads Custom Audience Targeting that will help you connect directly to your target market redeemable within 4 months. No more overthinking and over-analyzing if you did the right settings for your targeting. All you have to do is put your right offer in front of your target market and use your custom audience for your facebook ads. (worth $150)

Now for the FIRST 10 suppliers to subscribe

You'll get a FREE step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own Facebook Ads Custom Audience using the data from your messenger bots (one time only). No need to spend additional Php 3,000 to retarget those who inquired from you and target lookalike audience. That means you're saving more money that could be used for your facebook ads instead. (worth Php 3,000)

And lastly, for the FIRST 30 suppliers to subscribe

You'll receive FREE lessons on how to optimize your storefront and turn it into a selling machine that'll get you more bookingsUnfortunately, even if you have the right tools in front of you (Facebook, Instagram, Website, etc.), it doesn't mean you'll automatically get bookings. Discover the secret on how to 

How To Register?

  • Just click on the buttons and you'll get a message from your Facebook Messenger. 
  • Read our instructions and submit the required details so we can start working on your storefront.
  • You can deposit the payment through mobile or bank transfer. The account details are included there in the fb messenger.
  • Don't forget to attach the deposit slip when you reply to us.
  • You may deposit your payment via: 
    BPI #3259190079 (Savings Account)
    Dominic Barrios
    BDO #002460079121 (Savings Account)
    Dominic Barrios

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