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How To Earn From Bridal Fairs Without Spending 
More Than Php 10,000...

Get your return on investment (ROI) immediately on your first booking through the Top Knotters Online Bridal Fair...

Are you a Photographer, Videographer, Florist, Event Stylist, Hair and Makeup Artist, Wedding Planner, Bridal Gown Designer, Jeweler, Bridal Shoe Designer, Caterer, Lights & Sounds Provider, Invitation Designer, Wedding Cake Designer, Event Host, Bridal Car Supplier, Reception Venue Owner, Gift & Giveaways Supplier, Photobooth Supplier, Mobile Bar Supplier or a Wedding Musician?

Here's how you can avoid wasting your time
in traffic and still get more bookings...

Traffic! Just the thought of it makes you vomit. Admit it. Automatically, that's 2-5 hours on the road getting stuck with all the carmageddon. What happens? You are losing more time. Time for more productive work, time for family, and time for rest. 

Time, unlike money, does not replenish.

With Online Bridal Fairs, you can now avoid the hassles of waking up so early to beat traffic, you now have more time to spend with your family, and more time to rest at home while working in your pajamas. That means you're actually earning from your online bookings while you're at home.

Lessens all the costs that come with putting up an actual booth...

The biggest chunk of the expenses when joining bridal fairs, are your booth and logistics. That's almost Php 30,000-60,000 worth of investment down the drain. Not only that, you also need to consider the cost for you to achieve your ROI. But before you can put up your booth, you will also need to pay for your space which costs another Php 20,000-30,000. 

Sure, actual bridal fairs still work. No doubt about that. We're just saying, it's also very expensive. And this is where Online Bridal Fairs can save you money, and get more profits through online bookings. 

No more bulky fliers and wasted calling cards that go straight to the trash can...

You're excited for your first ever actual bridal fair. You spent money for your calling card design and your fliers. Come the day of the event, you find out that you still have 5 more bundles of fliers that weren't given away. What's worse, you're planning of increasing your rates real soon. 

Besides, soon-to-weds don't really bring home most of those fliers. Some of them go straight to the trash can because they already know who they wanted to book. With Online Bridal Fairs, you're saving more money, you're also being eco-friendly and the best part is, you've already earned with just one booking. 

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